Santos & Tom Kins Collection is one of the largest collections in the field of consumer powders and coffee, which has tried to produce this quality and memorable flavors of products and quick response, to reach this large community of lovers. Coffee and beverages based on it have rendered valuable service.

Tomkins and Santos, as one of the best companies and restaurants in Iran, have always been known as a leading company in this field, and since 1993, they have been trying to improve their work and production process based on the tastes of their customers.
We offer reassurance to our companions by having several certificates of registration of registration, exploitation license, membership certificate, health apple and incentive standard.

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Santos always meets the needs of its customers in the shortest time according to the tastes of its customers in coffee and powders such as hot chocolate, white chocolate and masala tea.

Tom kins

Along with Santos, Tom Keynes owns the coffee section. Tom Keynes coffees include several lines, the most famous of which are the Arabica line which includes 100% -50% and 80% and the Robusta line which contains 100% -90% and 70%. In addition to 1 kg packaged coffees, there were also bulk coffees that are prepared and processed from the best countries. Our strong point and advantage is the benefit of efficient staff both in the sales department and in the factory and laboratory, who are always trying to meet the needs of customers. All these factors have made us go hand in hand from the farm to the cup to meet our customers with the best products with our daily upgrades.